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carpet cleaning training bonus

Carpet Cleaning Training Bonus Package includes the Entire Series, 2 Upsell DVD's, George's Top Gun Training Manual, and the Secret Recipes DVD for one low price of ONLY $499.99 - Buy Now!

LEARN LIKE A PRO: Pulled rows, burns, wax, kool aid, water stains, plant stains, wicking, metal trim strip, vent air filtration, replace pad, trace cut, carpet repairs, foreign yarn, rust, grease spots, huge pet damage, carpet install, protruding tuft, re-stretch, re-stretch in hall, re-stretch in doorway, pulled rows (expanded and continued with different techniques), bonded inserts and carpet patch, cigarette burns, secret little trick, paint spots, upholstery cleaning, tricks of the trade, roll crush, huge paint spill, yellowing pH problem, diarrhea stain, dirty dining chairs, burn marks, soiled carpet, auto upholstery, nasty hallway, cotton upholstery, secret prespray, dirty carpet edge, red spots, hide stains, stairs, dirty office, white towel test, tips on upholstery, reinstall pad, reinstall carpet, tips on getting more jobs, ink spot, urine stain, aging carpet for patch, bad pet damage, reinstall seams, bleach spots, restretch and cleaning, wine stain, vomit stains, leather dye stain, reinstall carpet edge w/ staple gun, and much more. 6 DVD's in the series + 1 Secret Recipes DVD Free.

Follow these links for more information on the bonus products:
Carpet Cleaning Upsell DVD's
George's Official Top GunTraining Manual
Secret Recipes DVD is not for sale! Sponsored by PROCHEM, this DVD is only available in this package!

Limited Time Offer Price ONLY $499.99 Buy it NOW!

Watch this incredible video now to see the POWER of this entire package and how it can SUPER BOOST your carpet cleaning company!

This is the premier Carpet Cleaning Training Video Set PLUS Upsell Sales Training you can't get anywhere else combined with a Top Gun Training Manual to streamline your entire company AND a Secret Carpet Cleaner Recipe DVD to SuperBoost your cleaners to get those tough stains out.

These are the most powerful DVD's you will ever purchase - they are designed to help you make the money you deserve and to help your clients love you so much that they turn into referral machines!!

The regular price for these products comes to over $779.00 so you save $279.00 when you get this limited time offer for ONLY $499.99

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