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The Holy Grail of Carpet Cleaning! This Top Gun Training Manual Will help you make more money than you ever imagined!

Carpet Repairs and Specialty Stains were my two biggest money makers my first year and continue to be phenomenal revenue streams for my company!

This manual shows you EVERYTHING you need to know to perfect how you handle the most technically difficult portions of carpet cleaning services - specialty stains and carpet repairs. I just received a text from my technician today and he received $1,300 in specialty stains and carpet repairs TODAY. Last week his van alone made $6,300, 70% of which was specialty stains and carpet repairs!!

He is setting records using the information in this manual and my whole program! He watched my entire DVD series in 3 days, then read this manual and put it all into practice. For the past 9 days my technician has made over $1,000 a day for my company, with his biggest ticket being today's $1,300.

Keep in perspective the truth. This manual will be almost useless without seeing the entire DVD series first - because the repairs are technically difficult. All of my technicians watch the DVD series first, then ride with a seasoned veteran and cross-reference their work with this manual until they are ready to perform themselves.

For someone who really wants to work hard and make a lot of money, take every product and program I have on this website SERIOUSLY - and ask yourself 'are massive rewards later worth extra hard work now'? If the answer is yes, and you follow my program, you will triple your income in the next six months - GUARANTEED, and this manual is a must.


Delivered via email, binded paper copy available upon request.

Price: $99.99

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