George the Carpet Cleaner’s Survivor casting video




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Hey my fellow Carpet Cleaners…it’s George and I’m a carpet cleaner just like you.

I’m extremely dedicated to and helping carpet cleaners like you to not just survive but to thrive in this economy.

One way we can do this is by making the most out of each job while helping our customers to save $$$. Obviously this is a time when replacing carpet isn’t in the budget for many of our customers. This is when your specialized skills become very valuable. Learning simple carpet repairs amaze your customers and amazed customers don’t forget you. This means you’ll have customers who use you again and again. We can all learn from each other and what I have learned after 15+ years experience and creating a company with over 4300 residential customers may help you to take your business to the next level. If your customer retention isn’t where you want it to be, you may want to consider upgrading your skills.

When you set yourself apart from the average carpet cleaner by offering the services their looking for you’ll hear comments like;

“My last carpet cleaner couldn’t get that out!”
“I didn’t think that could be fixed.”
“You’re a magic man (or woman)!
“My stains never come back when I use your service.”
“I thought I was going to have to replace my carpet.”

Now that’s music to any carpet cleaners ears!

Keep your eyes open when cleaning your customers home so you can make “suggestions” on repairing, stain removal and cleaning things your customer didn’t even point out to you. When you take notice of dirty dining chairs, a damaged corner of carpet, etc. your suggestions are appreciated. Especially when the customer believes their issue was un-cleanable or un-repairable. Remember that many of our customers have had some terrible carpet cleaning experiences in the past so when you offer your advanced skills and services you set yourself apart as a true professional. Skills = more $ for you & thrilled customers. Now that’s a win/win.

So why should you listen to me anyway? Many who are out there teaching aren’t doing the actual work anymore. I’m still out there regularly doing real jobs. In fact today I cleaned a vacant house with stairs, natural fiber dining room chairs and synthetic kitchen chairs.      IMG_3299


Tomorrow I’ve got a pet damage job with pad replacement already bid out at $1000. To put it simply, I’m a real carpet cleaner doing real jobs just like you.

So like Forest Gump, that’s all I’ve got to say about that…for now.

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(NO LONGER AVAILABLE!) PROCHEM™ and CCTS™ Present: CARPET CLEANING SPACE CAMP! This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. My wife and I traveled across the country to train carpet cleaners how to be the best they could be. This was an AMAZING opportunity and one I’ll never forget. I just want to thank God and the chance to meet many of you along the journey! It was out of this WORLD!


“THE COUNT DOWN IS ON.  WE EXPECT TO HIT ORBIT ON ALL THRUSTERS!”  PROCHEM SYSTEMS is not another stuffy classroom with a power point presentation.  This is not a drill, we are taking flight so put on your seatbelts.  No matter what your level of experience, you won’t want to miss this valuable information.  This exciting, one of a kind learning event will empower you to dramatically increase sales by up to 100% or more and gain the confidence and knowledge you need to tackle most any situation.  Carpet cleaning jobs are great but it’s the extras that really put MONEY in your pocket.

“WHAT IF THIS IS THE TURNING POINT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR IN YOUR BUSINESS?  YOU WILL NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU ATTEND.   DON’T MISS YOUR FLIGHT! Georg Grijalva is not another guy giving you technical information from a book.  He is an experienced Professional Carpet Cleaner who has a passion for what he does and wants to help you succeed.  Checkmate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning started with one truck and made over a 107K in it’s first year.  Eight years later we have 3000+ residential customers, corporate office, three locations and a sister company  We are now positioning ourselves as a training company for all carpet cleaners.  Check out & search Checkmate Carpet Cleaning to see George’s television appearances.  To register for this event early, click on the LAUNCH DATES or click on the CALANDAR for lift off schedule.  MRE RationZ provided for breakfast & lunch.  (For you civilians that’s meals ready to eat.)  Anyone who attends will receive a FREE DVD How to Upsell, your profit depends on it and a FREE PROCHEM spotting kit.  This voyage is for owners and employee’s we will leave no man behind.

George Grijlva is a self-starter who is now incredibly successful after launching his business just eight years ago, he wants to share his success and do-it-yourself attitude with you.  He is recommended by 40 carpet stores, Real Estate agents, builders, interior designers and magazines, and has been invited to be on four radio shows and more than 12 TV programs on CBS & FOX12.  His fun stage presence and passion for helping others make learning about carpet cleaning and generally improving your life a priceless experience.

George’s highly interactive day-long seminars are vital for hands-on learning.  Seminars are sponsored by PROCHEM and feature Prochem cleaners and supplies.  As someone who was making $12,000.00 just his second month in business, George knows how to build a quick and successful business the right way.  Seminars will cover carpet cleaning topics for company owners and employee’s, focusing on teaching better carpet cleaning and money making practices such as HOW TO UPSELL while satisfying clients.

Dates and Locations of PROCHEM Sponsored Seminars:  Click  LAUNCH DATES or Click on the CALENDAR for a Carpet Cleaning Space Camp near you.

Whether you are starting your own carpet cleaning business or another venture into the cleaning field, George’s interactive full-day seminar will have a tremendous IMPACT on your business! DON’T MISS YOUR FLIGHT!

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The Most Powerful DVD Series for Carpet Cleaners


These DVD’s will change your carpet cleaning future.  Don’t outsource ANYTHING in carpet cleaning or repairs when you can learn the skills to teach your employee’s or do it all yourself and make a lot of PROFIT.

Buy the whole series and get the Upsell DVD for free.

This DVD by itself will help you pay for the series in 3-4 clients, by allowing you turn small jobs into HUGE jobs.  This makes all of your efforts and time worth so much more.  Over the course of a month, using George’s techniques, you can easily double  your profits.

allvolumes-transparentVolume #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 – Carpet Cleaning Trade Secrets All Volumes

LEARN LIKE A PRO: Pulled rows, burns, wax, kool aid, water stains, plant stains, wicking, crimp trim, vent air filtration, replace pad, trace cut, carpet repairs, foreign yarn, rust, burn, grease spots, huge pet damage, carpet install, protruding tuft, re-stretch, re-stretch in hall, re-stretch in doorway, pulled rows (expanded and continued with different techniques), bonded inserts/patch, cigarette burns, secret little trick, paint spots, upholstery cleaning, tricks of the trade, roll crush, huge paint spill, yellowing pH problem, diarrhea stain, care of equipment, dirty dining chairs, dirty oriental rug, burn marks, soiled carpet, auto upholstery, nasty hallway, flood damage, leather cleaning, cotton upholstery, secret prespray, dirty carpet edge, red spots, hide stains, stairs, dirty office, air filtration soiling, white towel test, tips on upholstery, reinstall pad, reinstall carpet, tips on getting more jobs, ink spot, urine stain, aging carpet for patch, bad pet damage, reinstall seams, bleach spots, restretch and cleaning, wine stain, vomit stains, leather dye stain, reinstall carpet edge w/ staple gun, upholstery color migration (bleeding) and much more. 6 DVD’s in the series + 1 Upsell DVD Free.

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The Best Money You Will Ever Spend On Education


Do you wish you had a personal mentor to teach you everything he knows in carpet cleaning and repairs step by step?

Now you do! AND if you miss something, just push rewind. George Grijalva is a carpet cleaner just like you. He will teach you carpet cleaning and carpet repair techniques that took him years to perfect. George has his own successful carpet cleaning company, Checkmate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning (Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington carpet cleaning), and does seminars with Howard Partridge, Zig Ziglar, The Hitman John Braun, Miracle Man Dave DeBlander, Darren Whitley and webinars on He is also an IICRC Senior Carpet Inspector. All of the video footage is from actual jobs and has taken over six years to compile. You and/or your technician will literally take years off your learning curve by watching these carpet cleaning training videos. The specialized skills you will learn will give you the confidence and knowledge to tackle most any situation and make MORE PROFIT.

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Watch Howard Partridge, Dave Deblander and George in a foot race at Roundtable Seminar!


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George & VanToday is an UNBELIEVABLE day. I woke with joy in my heart, went down stairs to grab a cup of java with cream and sugar. My favorite coffee is the used car lot coffee so at home I try to duplicate that same wonderful flavor. I am not kidding, when you come to my home I will make you the best used car lot coffee you ever had with the powdered creamer and everything. All carpet cleaners are invited and customers too. Today was also an unbelievable day because I knew our schedule was full. I love when the carpet cleaning GOD fills up the schedule.

Then it happened and I got the call. My technician Dana said his carpet cleaning machine shut down in the middle of his job and he just finished pre-spraying the carpet at a five star restaurant .  This is my favorite place to eat in the whole world. I told him to get to the carpet cleaning pit crew mechanic ASAP.  (I love Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise.)  It’s usually a minor little part and he is back on the road in an hour or two sometimes less. But not this time his carpet cleaning cat pump went out as a matter of fact it blew a 2 inch hole in the side of the cat pump. I sat down when I heard the cost to repair it was $1800 and they can do it today. Without hesitation I told him to do it. This is my business I have no choice.  We are here to stay and we have carpets to clean. They said they could get him back on the road in about  three hours. I thought to myself, it’s all part of doing business and we have other vans working with full schedules we are the most unbelievable carpet cleaning company in Portland Oregon. Then I called the customer,  Nita at Plainsfield and told her the situation.  She said no problem George we love you and your team. I thought today is still unbelievable.  It’s a great day for carpet cleaning.

Then it happened again, the dreded phone call. My other technician Chuck who happens to be the most positive upbeat guy called and said, “I just finished my job and my machine shut down right when I finished it was the weirdest thing.”  I’m sure it’s just a minor repair no problem it happens. I told Chuck get to the Checkmate Carpet Cleaning Portland Or pit crew right now, he had an hour before his next appointment. Of course he called the next customer to give them the heads up that he was running a little behind. We never tell the customer our problems.  I learned that from Walt Disney. If something goes wrong just fix it like magic and give the client the Best Carpet Cleaning Portland Or experience ever, everytime no matter what. If you give the customer the respect of a phone call they really apreciate it & this helps to keep them on your team. I need to learn this for my personal life, sometimes that’s all my wife needs to keep me out of the dog house.  But that’s a whole different blog for my Facebook.  I will call it Keeping Your Wife Happy Diaries.  Anyways we always keep the client up to date. When Chuck got to the carpet cleaning Portland Or mechanic, they said it’s the same problem as the other van. What are the odds?  I about fell over!  That’s another $1800.  I told him to ask if they can get him back on the road ASAP and then he could come back after his last job.   They said they could because this one did not blow a hole in the cat pump, but it’s a risk.  Thank GOD!  I had to make a quick call leave a customer hanging or take the risk of another cat pump blowing a hole.  I decided I built my whole company on risk, let’s take care of the customer.

Once again I said to myself this is an unbelievable day. What can I learn from this? I guess it could be worse, I could be missing a leg or arm, I could be on life support, etc. I am going to have an unbelievable day anyways. I have a beautiful wife, two perfect kids, a nice home, a boat, a Cadillac and I’m really good looking.  My life ROCKS, I make being a carpet cleaner look good. I am having an unbelievable day. Then I cranked Sammy Hagar as I was driving down the freeway, I can’t drive 55.

Then it happened my office called and it was Trish.  Sean our other technician said his machine is acting up. Wow… unbelievable.  ” Tell him to get to the carpet cleaning Portland Or pit crew.”  The good news is that Sean thinks he’s OK but we should get his van in next week. Great!.  This must mean it’s something minor.  Phew!  I wiped my forehead, turned up the radio and turned my phone off.  I suggest you do that too once in a while.

At the end of the day I have absolute faith in my Checkmate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Team to make the right decisions.  We did take care of all the customers and they didn’t know anything except that they had the Ultimate Carpet cleaning experience.  Our mission is to always under promise and over deliver no matter what life throws at us.

To make a long story short. Remember what your parents always told you, when life gives you lemons, you do what?   That’s right you cook  a Lobster squeeze lemon on it and dip it in butter then invite your freinds and make them a feast.  Just kidding, you make lemonade. If Jesus loves us more than the birds, he’s not going to give us a rock to eat.  Jesus will give us a fish. So in life remember you are always having an unbeleivable day. Because no matter what happens unbeleivable covers it. Live life, kiss your wife and kids tell them you love them and the whole reason you are working so hard is for their future. Stay possitive and remember just like Abraham Lincoln said. “Good things come to those who wait but you only get what’s left over from those who hussle.” George The Carpet Cleaner. To be continued………

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