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3-in-1 Perfect Patch Tool for Carpet Patches and Carpet Repairs - Every carpet cleaner needs one to do a precision bonded insert...

The Perfect Patch is the easiest way to repair carpet and it comes with an instructional How to patch a carpet DVD!

When a client's carpet is beyond cleaning, do you outsource the work?

NO LONGER. Now you can patch carpet too. Patching carpet is not that difficult once you know how, and if you have the our precision laser cut Perfect Patch tool that seriously simplifies carpet patching and/or bonded inserts - you will be able to do a perfect carpet patch in 5 minutes. This is the first precision carpet patching tool, it is made out of a durable ABS plastic. The knowledge of how to patch a carpet is included, step-by-step, in our how to patch a carpet video.

This iron burn was perfectly patched using the carpet cleaner's best friend, the Perfect Patch tool.

I am an IICRC CERTIFIED SENIOR PRACTICING CARPET INSPECTOR - and I recommend this to all professional carpet cleaners.

Watch this video to see the amazing potential of the Perfect Patch:

To understand the value of this tool, know this: it took me years to perfect patching carpets until I invented this simple yet revolutionary carpet patching tool. Now anyone can do it in five minutes or less - I can literally do it in one minute. Without the DVD you would not know how to do a perfect patch. This is a great set, a must-have for all professional carpet cleaners, yet affordable for anyone who has the need.

Price: $99.99

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