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Master Senior Certified Expert George Grijalva is an ABC / NBC TV Network carpet cleaning expert celebrity. TV shows are available to watch on YouTube channel: George Grijalva. Radio Expert on carpet stains and do it yourself. National spokes person and seminar trainer for one of the largest carpet cleaning chemical supply companies. President of George created a DVD series to help educate carpet cleaners be more successful.

Retired President of Checkmate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for over 20 years. Which was one of the most successful multi truck carpet cleaning companies in Portland OR, which George sold 10-8-2017 to move to San Diego CA to retire from carpet cleaning and pursue new dreams and success.

Don't miss your opportunity to Learn from Legendary George the Carpet Cleaner / Master at permanent stains, carpet repairs, carpet corrections, bleach spots, carpet cleaning, Upholstery, Oriental rugs, getting top dollar and carpet correction specialist. George is also releasing his NEW CCTS bleach spot series.

This is an Advanced Training Course.

SEMINARS: George travels frequently to guide carpet cleaning and business professionals to the next level. Put the Muscle behind the Hustle!

"Success is not about money, it's about people."

- George Grijalva



2011/12 - We are extremely excited for the future - stay tuned for announcements about the next scheduled seminars and videos!

In this first video, hear from a plethora of carpet cleaners across the country about what they have to say regarding George's seminars and DVD's.

PROCHEM Sales Training and Spotting Seminar Promotion Videos

George at the Round Table Seminar with Zig Ziglar, Howard Partridge, "Miracle Man" Dave DeBlander, "The Hitman" John Braun and "Sir Lancelot" Darren Whitley:

PROCHEM Sales Training and Spotting Seminar NASA Promotion Video

Launch Your Company Now! PROCHEM Training Seminars!

(NO LONGER AVAILABLE!) PROCHEM™ and CCTS™ Present: CARPET CLEANING SPACE CAMP! This was one of the best experiences I've ever had. My wife and I traveled across the country to train carpet cleaners how to be the best they could be. This was an AMAZING opportunity and one I'll never forget. I just want to thank God for this chance to meet many of you along the journey!


The best way to learn is hands on and in person!!

Bring George in for:
- Sales Training - Double your average sales ticket!
- Practical hands - on spot cleaning, carpet repairs and more.
- Specializes in helping one van companies expand.
- Avoid common expansion pitfalls - plan well and achieve success.
- Learn how to market your business!
- Organize and setup business systems.
- How to hire employees
- Motivational Speaking - get fired up!

George Grijalva is the Cinderella man. He came from a very humble beginning. Growing up on welfare, his parents struggled hard to make ends meet. Against all odds, he was determined to make something of his life. Now he's a very successful businessman who wants to make a difference. Learn from his "how to" attitude. George is a man who "talks the talk" and "walks the walk". He lives by a code; Winners never quit and quitters never win. George says, "if you need a helping hand, look at the end of your wrist." He is a man who has enough passion and enthusiasm to send a space shuttle into orbit. Put on your seat belt and hold on tight! Do not miss the chance to learn what it takes to build your own American Dream. George Grijlva will change the way you think, live life, love, spend money, treat your wife, kids, friends, family and co-workers. He will give you the basic building blocks to get your dreams back.


Want to see George in action? Here he is at Roundtable Seminar, with Zig Ziglar, getting the crowd fired up for a foot race with him, Howard Partridge and Dave Deblander!

meet george grijalva - carpet cleaning extraordinaire




George's Personal Coaching - Put the muscle behind hustle! Get the entire Carpet Cleaning Training video Series plus the SECRET RECIPES DVD RIGHT NOW!


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