Carpet Cleaning Training Video Gallery

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carpet cleaning training bonus

Carpet Cleaning Bonus Package includes the Entire Series, 2 Upsell DVD's, George's Top Gun Training Manual, and the Secret Recipes DVD for one low price of ONLY $499.99.


Bonded Inserts (Carpet Patches) - DVD #1


Carpet Restretching - DVD #2

Specialty Stains
- DVD #3

Carpet Repairs
- DVD #4

Upholstery Cleaning
- DVD #5

Pet Damage
- DVD #6

Sales Training and Spotting Seminar Promotion Video

George at the Round Table Seminar with Zig Ziglar, Howard Partridge, "Miracle Man" Dave DeBlander, "The Hitman" John Braun and "Sir Lancelot" Darren Whitley.

Sales Training and Spotting Seminar NASA Promotion Video

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and CCTS Secret Recipe Sample Part 1

George Grijalva's Highlights of Past TV Shows

Purple Paint - How to remove paint from carpet...

How do you remove paint stains from carpet? This is a time-consuming process that takes a professional - RIGHT AWAY. This free video shows you the process for how to remove paint from carpet, but if you attempt this yourself, without practice, know-how and the exact tools, you may very well find yourself with larger stain than you started that has set and will be impossible to remove. For the full details on how to remove paint stains from carpet go to our carpet cleaning products page and click on Volume #3, or for the real deal carpet cleaning training videos, purchase the entire series here.