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Carpet Cleaning Products

Part 1 and Part 2 are 45 Minutes each, and are power packed with amazing carpet cleaning techniques, demonstrated step by step, that will increase your revenues and repeat customers dramatically - guaranteed.

Also take a look at our Carpet Cleaning Training Bonus Package! This is a limited time offer.

This is the most valuable DVD combination in the entire series!

The ABC's of Carpet Cleaning - A Two Part DVD Series, 45 Minutes each DVD That's over 90 minutes of action packed training that will teach you how to give your customers the best carpet cleaning experience ever and covers the most fundamental, often overlooked technical aspects of carpet cleaning in an easy to follow, easy to learn, step by step system! ONLY $149.99

THE ABC'S OF CARPET CLEANING IS ALL 100% REAL JOBS. What makes this series so unique? This is one of George's VIP customers and you get to see it all unfold step by step in real time - from parking in the driveway, how to properly greet the customer at the front door, walk through, pre-inspection, pre- vacuum, moving furniture, pre-spotting, pre-spray, pre-agitate, hot water extract, air movers, stairs, applying carpet protector, foil tap & foam block, final walk through and final groom. And much, much more.

George takes you through 13 steps, from beginning to end, how to clean an entire home while giving your customers the most incredible carpet cleaning experience ever. Not only does this series cover the most important and most overlooked technical details of excellent carpet cleaning, but it also shows you how to be enthusiastic and leave a positive, lasting impression with your customers - the key to solid profits and repeat customers. George's high energy will super boost any carpet cleaner and launch your business to new heights. This is a formula you can use over and over for success - the fundamentals of quality carpet cleaning, from customer service to fiber ID tests.

Many companies have no training in these areas at all, and just wing it. Most companies training programs try to cover everything, but without a comprehensive program like this that can be watched over and over, they end up having to learn in the field, which costs them money in lower sales and generates less repeat customers. But not anymore! Every carpet cleaning company can benefit tremendously from this proven system. It won't matter which carpet cleaner in your company does the job, you will all be giving the customer a polished, congruent experience from start to finish.

This is the most powerful carpet cleaning DVD package for a brand new person or an established company wanting to train a new technician. This is the first DVD series George's very successful carpet cleaning company employees view before starting their carpet cleaning career. What makes this so valuable is that it is a system that can be duplicated. You can take a brand new carpet cleaner that has no experience, and after he learns the system in this DVD he will be one of the finest carpet cleaning technicians in your area. Your new techs and experienced carpet cleaners alike will benefit greatly from The ABC's of Carpet Cleaning - ONLY $149.99.

If you want to take it to the next level, buy the entire series, this will seriously make you and your technicians the undisputed champion carpet cleaning company in your area.

The Breadwinner Package

volume6If you want to be a carpet cleaner who makes tons of profit, buy The ABC's of Carpet Cleaning and my two part How to Upsell DVD's. We call it the Breadwinner Package! Change your life!

The Breadwinner Package is the ABC's of Carpet Cleaning combined with the Upsell DVD's, and is over 180 minutes of action-packed never before seen customer service and the most powerful sales techniques in the industry. Rather than the price of both sets seperately, buy the Breadwinner Package for only $249.99 - a savings of over $99 available only as a limited time offer for our ABC's of Carpet Cleaning Debut.

The ABC's of Carpet Cleaning

A Two Part DVD Series, 45 Minutes each that will teach you how to give your customers the best carpet cleaning experience ever and covers the most fundamental, often overlooked technical aspects of carpet cleaning in an easy to follow, easy to learn, step by step system!

ONLY $149.99

The Breadwinner Package - Only for the BEST - Save Over $99.

Tired of being second best? WIth 4 DVD's and over 180 minutes, this is the complete package for those who truly want to be the best carpet cleaners in their area. Not only will your tickets grow, more customers will refer your company like never before.

The ABC's of Carpet Cleaning DVD's + the Upsell DVD's - normally $349.98 separately, but now for a limited time available in combination for ONLY $249.99

Since private and independent contractors have cheaper service rate, youu should expect an inadequate installation of carpets. Flexibility - Carpet choices cover a whnole lott of ranfe between styles, designs, patterns and color selections. It makes sense your old carpet ohght to be vacuum cleaned to ensure that dusts might be eliminated besfore it's removed.
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Seems like the real deal when looking to be a professional carpet cleaner I'm very curious, might try very soon.

We have the carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning videos and they are great! We felt completely lost regarding technique following the IICRC class, but with the training videos, we were able to fill in all the gaps of knowledge. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Martha B. with Cleaning Divas

Thanks Samantha! We we're really excited to get the training video today! Sure do appreciate quick svc. We just popped the dvd in and we're already cracking up! George is so funny. "Have fun with it" he says (pet urine decontamination). This is training that I could watch for entertainment value LOL. Thanks!
Rob and Kristie Bighead NWCleaning

I attended a seminar that George and Samantha put on last year. After putting what I learned to practice my business has increased almost fifty percent over last year. And looking forward to expanding to multi truck operation soon. The training DVD's are great and help you set your company apart from other cleaners in your town. Keep up the great work and thanks again George! P.S. Let me know when you come out with new products... I can do no wrong when I put your systems to practice.
Brian Alexander - Orlando, FL

I'm a trainer & distributor for ServPro and own two franchises. I also train ten other ServPro franchises and have been in the business for 21 years. I purchased the ALL 100% REAL JOBS DVD series in Las Vegas at Connections. After watching every DVD I can honestly say these are the most educational video's on the market today. These DVD's would be in anybody's best interest to use for training with their technicians or for the owner operator. Keep up the good work George! You are just what our industry needs. Maybe you can come and do a training in Hawaii for our upcoming ServPro event where there will be over 3000 franchise owners attending.
Robert Edgar/ServPro - Las Vegas NV

Dear George, “I’m a carpet cleaner…just like you”. Okay, not “just” like you. I am a BRAND NEW carpet cleaner with a shiny new truck-mount and a lot to learn. Your DVD’s have helped me get up and running more quickly than any other resource. I love watching your DVD’s. They’re worth every penny that we paid for them. As a new technician I can review, practice, and master the techniques presented on each DVD at my own pace. Each new skill creates an opportunity to impress our customers and thereby increase our profits. The more “unfixable” a customer’s problem seems, the greater the “miracle” of correcting it becomes. Miracles are more profitable than ruining carpet through “experimentation”. Your DVD’s are not the first we have bought, but they are by far our favorite. We find them informative, engaging, simple to follow, and most important: “memorable”. I wish you and everyone at CarpetCleaningTradeSecrets.com & Checkmate continued success and look forward to each new DVD that you produce.
Jeff Beck - Happy Home Carpet & Tile Cleaning, llc Mesa AZ

I ordered all of George's dvd's and the first thing I used on a job was showing up to the customer's door in uniform and with a great attitude as taught in dvd #1. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I showed up like "Superman" to clean their carpets I could tell how impressed they were with my appearance and enthusiasm. I didn't know such a small detail would create such a lasting impact with this customer. I did this job back in November and I'm still receiving referrals from this customer. Thanks George for this tip and all of the other great "Real World" job training tips. I'm really happy with the dvd set!
Gerald Walker - Jacksonville, FL

George is like no one you've ever met before. He has a powerful presence so captivating that it's nearly impossible to pull away from.
Dusty Roberts/RugBadger

George, thanks for returning my call, I got your perfect patch and its made me tons of money in just a few days. Carpet repairs that took too long to do get done in just minutes - throw it down and it works. I have been in the business for 13 years and can't tell you how happy I am that I found you. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Now I can buy more videos and learn from a real hands on teacher that shares his secrets. Thanks George and hope to see you out on the Prochem tour. Jeff - Prestige Systems, SC
Jeffrey Ingold-Owner/Operator-Prestige Systems

I am so proud of George Grijalva the owner of Checkmate Carpet Cleaning. When George first started his business in 2000 he attended all the IICRC (Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification) courses that I offered. As Checkmate grew he sent all his employees to my courses, these courses teach the technical skills needed for professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, odor control, carpet repair, water damage restoration and other related services such as leather cleaning, tile and grout cleaning etc.. I have always been impressed by George's committment to education for himself and his employees. Now nearly ten years later Checkmate has become a hugely successful cleaning company and George has become a one of the industries most exciting trainers teaching cleaning companies to achieve their full potential. It has been a pleasure to observe George and Checkmate Carpet Cleaning reach for the stars.
IICRC Instructor Sherman Guffy

I ordered five volumes of George's training DVD's. I was so inspired by these Dvd's that I quit my teaching job to clean carpets. As an educator I can say that these tapes are truly the best teaching tool I have ever experienced as well as inspirational. George is contagious in his passion for carpet cleaning and makes others believe in themselves. My business is finally taking off after watching these and my dreams are finally coming true. These DVD's are priceless to me. Unfortunately, I loaned them to my 23 year old son for training and he returned them so scratched I couldn't watch them anymore. I called CCTS and told them what happened. They told me no problem and sent me a replacement for all 5 DVD's at no charge the next day! Thank you Carpet Cleaning Trade Secrets! God Bless!
King's Carpet Cleaning

We don't call George "Sparky" for nothing. The Energy and excitement he brings to the industry is refreshing. His videos are the BEST I've seen for professional carpet cleaners. Your company could really benefit by getting his DVDs.
The Hitman - John Braun

My good buddy George will ignite your business with his knowledge - not just on carpet cleaning secrets, but on the entire customer service and sales process! This means your tickets will be bigger, and your customers will be happier. Sparky is in the top 3% of my students across the world!
The Legendary - Howard Partridge

I worked with George in Vegas and everything I have heard is true! He is an incredible, dynamic individual and I feel privileged to know him. George and I have both built extremely successful carpet cleaning businesses, and now we are allied to guide you. Even though George is missing his chance to join my wife and I selling Mary Kay, I still love him! By purchasing his DVD program, you are sure to empower yourself to the next level of success - more with it then without. God Bless.
Miracle Man - Dave DeBlander

I saw George's TV appearances and DVD's long before I met him in person. When I finally met him face to face and had the opportunity to work with George and Howard Partridge at Connections in Las Vegas, I was excited to experience how down to earth he is and that he really cares about the success of other people. He's extremely charismatic and I would recommend George's program to anyone just getting started - or to a seasoned veteran.
Sir Lancelot - Darren Whitley

I want to say that these training videos are what every carpet cleaner needs to start with and learn before they attempt any jobs so that they are fully knowledgeable and understand how to gain the skills to clean right and be successful in their business. They are 100% real jobs and every stain you couldn't take out these will prepare you beyond the skills you would have. I am a certified IICRC carpet cleaner and I thought I can handle any stain, but after few years of cleaning I was researching further to understand how to take the toughest stains out and finally saw these training videos on checkmate website and gave it a try. I never had the hands on training to actually learn the types of chemicals to mix and use, how to attempt shrink test, color migration test, candle wax removal, urine removal, browning issues with carpets, and more. It changed my life and I learned like a professional. After I purchased these videos I decided to write this to all the new carpet cleaning business and professionals that this will increase your skills and gain your knowledge to understand the cleaning techniques to attempt and use. It was worth the price and after watching them I would had paid more then what the price was worth.
Jay Soheili Laguna Hills, CA

I just want to applaud George for making some of the best training videos I have ever purchased. I've been in the business 17 years and I personally recommend them to anybody. Keep up the good work.

Randy Day/Day's Carpet Care - Anderson, SC

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