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George's Official Carpet Cleaning Invoice! The most thorough invoice ever made for a carpet cleaner. Free Shipping.

THE OFFICIAL INVOICE FOR CHECKMATE CARPET CLEANING CREATED BY GEORGE - CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR COMPANY: This is Checkmate's official baseline for doing business. All of the prices on this invoice are what Checkmate Carpet Cleaning charges currently.* Don't be caught short handed or making prices up as you go! Be prepared and your clients will be happy to pay your set prices.

This invoice took more than three months to develop and is the most thorough any carpet cleaner will ever have on his/her clipboard. There are checkboxes for every type of carpet - including Nylon, Olefin, Polyesther and Wool. It includes a box for the last time their carpet was cleaned and a section to document pre-existing stains so you aren't held liable.

Invoice comes with prepared guarantees and disclaimers to protect you. This invoice comes with a checklist for every imaginable type of stain or situation you will encounter, from pet damage to upholstery cleaning and more. It tells what George's company charges for specialty stains, carpet repairs, re-stretches, leather cleaning, mattress cleaning, bleach spots, pad replacement and even flood damage plus way more.

Order this invoice and receive an email copy ready to be customized with your logo and your services.

Take the customized invoice on disk (or email) to your printer to create the final carbon copy master that will be used on the job. Leave your clients a copy, one for you and one for your accountant.

* The current prices aren't suggestions for what you should charge, but they are what Checkmate Carpet Cleaning currently charges

Price ONLY: $74.99

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